"Opening up to ideas can be frightening but what's life without overcoming a few fears?" -

I give you an average introvert student, who believes that a silent mind might not know how to talk but surely knows how to emote. I give you abrupt theories, not certainly smart, JUST theories. I give you confusion, contemplation,rage, belief...hope? I give you the timid effort of a self that wants people to smile and cry or both at the same time. I give you myself. I give you words

This blog is an effort. A mixture of different literary style, as I learn and explore.

That's me. Learning and exploring? 
This is my work so far. I'd keep it updated as I go, for easy access. ( :

Stories (Fiction/Fantasy) :
Revenge gone bad. Chapter 2
Stories (My life inspired) :

What we call 'Ranting':

Pictorial Messages:

How it started:
Head's up

Fun thingy stuff that can't be put anywhere else 
The leash of life

So :

And if you're following the blog and have so often landed me with your criticism and advice.... 




  1. Rutaba is such a nice name! Very unique. What does it mean?

  2. Thank you! It is unique but not so rare. It means 'fresh'


Criticise the living day lights out me,if you will.