Stealing a little inspiration


See what it does? 

Dear past self

Dear past self,

Know I write from care,
and so it's urgent this be told, 
present lies are corroding the future,
of the only true thing you own :
that tiny bit of dignity earned today, for tomorrow
well off, but sweetheart, a person who ends hollow.  

I know, you mean well,
but fear and submission, 
and even silence in chaos,
may not make you a culprit but a sinner nonetheless. 
So talk, show and boast of all you mean well
for an indifferent soul is the result of anything less.

Pay heed,
for mistakes are inevitable, 
and courage demanded,
be noble and prudent
not arrogant and defy.

I know, intuition guides you
foresight says otherwise, 
'To lie is to hide,
and to hide is for cowards,
and for cowards are temporal,
bravery... lasting & durable'

Alas, my future depends on you, 
you...who can do, 
that what I can not do.

With sincerest of regards,
and a heart of your own... I bid you goodbye.

Future unknown.