Learning to bend for the sake of words.

Whenever I decide to sit and write I feel the need to have everything perfect around me. Somehow the importance of words and their dignity for me should not be shared with anyone less than perfect. Maybe I put them to an extremely high stature. Little did I know that life is everything but perfect and or perhaps our definition of perfect is flawed. Is it?

For that I say  " Like beauty perfection also lies in the eye of the beholder "

Today I learned to bend my back on certain things. To realize that when you pave your way differently than that of which you ideally thought of , it does not kill the importance of that subject but rather shines your affection towards it .

Something you are ready to mould your self for. Something ? Anything?

Peace of mind.

The power of truth lies in it's crucial clarity and lucidity.Whereas, a bit of a lie can leave you in disarray putting behind a mind in which bewilderment and uncertainty prevail. Remember, pondering over a mere speculation is like trapping your self in a black hole, you know not what might come off the matter or if you can actually, at any given time, escape it. Rid yourself of such little but effective dilemma and stick to what is .. simple. Leave the complications in the black hole and not yourself. ;)

Oh! So thoughtful .Oh! So deep.

After we grow up from our child mind we never really truly stay unbiased.

Questions and Answers

      Questions and then Answers. This is the order. It's not questions and questions or answers and answers or answers before questions, It's simply questions before answers. Honestly I am just trying to confuse you cause factually when someone is confused,a little not too much, they tend to stick around to give themselves just a bit more of time to understand the situation. Be cautious too much confusion can cause a person to jolt and leave. And since I feel like what I am saying is not just a mere sentence but a meaningful ruling, yes I said ruling, I have the right to confuse you enough to read it to the end.

      I'll give you a bit of a philosophical background (bear with me?).Life is not a solid structure but an entity dependant collaboratively on .. theories? morals? guidelines?... well, simply put life is reliant on .. rules, to each their own. These rules collectively will give you a picture of who you are, you can test it by dividing your coexisting rules and figuring that you are indeed an object of many complex and not-so-complex properties. And likely one basic yet as important as basics are ever is the order of 'Questioning and Answering'.

    One must learn not only to question but question correctly. If you think the answer is more important than a rightly asked question, you and I would be at parallel ends. A right question no matter how bizarre it seems to be in the worldly context is vital, ever more so than a hard to find answer. This turns more important since most of our lives we learn to adopt those ready-made answers,regardless of the fact if they are right or wrong. Remember the right will surpass the toughest of query you come up with, challenge what is right and you will get the fittest of the theory.This is was the sack of meat in  your skull is for. Following me so far? Good! Now what comes after we have questioned correctly? The answers.. duh. Also there is this period of struggle to actually reach the appropriate answer which in a magnified scholarly way can be called the journey of life. * Pause to think about what I just said :P *

    Since I am not talking about the journey from a question to an answer I'll chuck it and get on directly to the actual good that comes off when you search for a certain answer after interrogation, fairly the number one being : THE FREAKING PLEASURE! Yes, the satisfaction is worth more than an unsourced answer.  Basically I am telling you to earn the answers. You are more likely to have a clear conception, if you follow this order ,which is better than a misconception which is like a half truth, deadly.

    I feel these theories to be cautionary soul-caring statements..... likewise to a person telling you to stay away from fire so you don't burn cause our soul needs protection too.

Sine qua non being :
Question correctly, contemplate and work to earn your answers..and then live the solution.

Sounds simple doesn't it? Well, you just wait till you finally decide to follow through this piece of method ;)