Status update : Busy.

As I type I have about 20 odd tabs open on my browser, three word documents, two PDF files, countless folders and a whole lot of paper and note books flying about on my bed.

You know what this calls for? A cry for help!

With two weeks left for the semester to end, I ideally would have liked minimal work load, but to my surprise, I have more work than I can seem to handle.  

Oh and not to forget, the living breathing monster of a place I live in, Karachi, who instead of feeding on,  I don't know something more acceptable like... flesh, feeds of human energy. The heat is actually THAT bad. So, even if I am up for completing my work, my brain only withstands an hour of work and no more, just no more. 

What else... 

Oh yeah, my absolute absence from social media. It's a miracle how I've gotten so far, but I have had literally no time to check on Facebook, Twitter or watch any tv-shows with persistence ( Dr.Who, I miss you :'( ) ; but these are things I am willing to forgive myself on, its the distance from my blog and books that bothers me most. 

Timetables don't work on me, sleep comes rather too readily, hunger escapes me like logic does from bollywood movies. Understanding?  Meh. If I can't convince myself of making sense, how will I expect any of you to. 

Anyhow. I wish to rant more, I seriously do, but I think Karachi is more hungry than my self energy can satisfy. 

Sooo, thats goodbye from me. 

I won't be apologizing for not writing, since I have a few tricks left in my draft box. ;)
See you!