From The Poet's Heart: Yes, I am proud to be a daughter

From The Poet's Heart: Yes, I am proud to be a daughter: This post is a special dedication to every girl/lady/woman who is a daughter, and not just a daughter but a special daughter of God. Sin...

Wish: Animated treasure.

No, this isn't a clever thought-on title for a grand philosophy running in my head rather just a twinkle of a wish amongst the plenty I come up with occasionally. I know it's a tad cheesy but I like that's that. Since there lays no order to the wish process, I'll be random with these. Today I'll be introducing you to my first random wish.. or my first random open wish.Nevertheless... drums roll please ..anyone.... no? Fine,I'll do it myself  *da dum ba tiss dum badadadadadadadum*

                                              : Animated treasure :
If you want to take your guess on what this might stand for, go ahead. Do it and then proceed reading. After you read it, you'll realize the content isn't as intricate as I am making it to be. *sasti fancygiri*.Any ways, without further dramatics, the title "Animated treasure" pretty much stands for it self. It has two meanings, one literal and the other derivative.

    > Literally it'll mean to have a valuable vivacity, in my extract I'm talking about life in general,as to how I'd like my life to pan out, with animation... liveliness, spiritedness ?


    >The derivative meaning,yet ironically the obvious, wish stands on having an 'Animated movie library'.Yeah,you read it right. If there is anything I want to collect more (after books and hand drawn children art) it's an animated movie library. I'll name a few as you read on but first I'll tell you a bit as to why I want to do this. Animated cartoons have always bought in me a sense of life and optimism,which I so dearly value in my life and since I get to save this with me for as long as I live, I will ! Probably pass it on to my kids and let them taste, extract and enjoy the gorgeous stories I did.

Examples :

THE LION FREAKING KING! What doesn't this movie teach!? At the start you have a law and order, a sense of serenity.All the meanwhile danger lurks the beautiful lives of the peaceful souls (Do we relate?). Much like it happens in our lives, the hazard comes from a place where you, traditionally,won't anticipate it from. Things just don't go bad, they go bad all of a sudden,they go from bad to worse in the blink of an eye ( and don't tell me you didn't shed a single tear when Mufasa died *Sobs*).A single corrupt intention effects badly on a large scale.Difficulty befalls us and with our fragile selves we escape and run, for courage comes only after learning. Strange kindness is experienced (Hakuna matata!).A tinge of  wiseness in the midst of disarray (Crazy old bandar). Hope lingers in the depths of darkness.Love finds you and finally, hope fuels you. Realization of doing the right thing regardless of  time span and age settles. You prepare to fight. After a fierce, tiring yet successful try, you let live for the first time. Letting you witness how a single good gesture can affect more than just you yourself, similarly to the previously shown corrupt intention, but only, we forget that bad is there for good to triumph, eventually ;)

DR.SEUSS' THE LORAX! Another brilliant movie I fell instantly in love with. The subject matter of 'The Lorax' is sown in a simple story line but over it rides a heavy and worth pondering over theory.The tale advocates for nature, by representing one most valuable,most beautiful,and common yet an underrated creation : Trees.The movie sucker punches you in the wisest ways.How ignorant we are, to accumulate only and not give back. It teaches you to find a balance between necessity and luxury.When the story paints a picture of stealing trees away from you, you realize how ungrateful we can be, and exactly how sometimes the point of realization only shows up in our face when it's too late. However, not to kill us right in the middle of the movie they throw in for us a happy ending.How can a simple movie be so cheerful and leave you questioning yourself and ones action?

Exceptional wordings in the movie made me watch it over and again , few of them are as followed :

Click to enlarge. Sorry for the bad editing.

Two different, yet to me having a similar moral code , stories were :


Both revolve around portraying love as being unconditional and lasting (clichéd..? na,only on paper).Where Shrek sides affection regardless of mainstream ideas of beautiful, UP brings a very believable emotion in a dreamy adventure. Both also share a rather shadowed theme of 'friends'; different shape,sized and aged creatures come together to perhaps make the best team to fight the bad guys and serve us a happy ending. 

Next up :

Kung Fu Panda

*da dum ba tiss dum badadadadadadadum*

Finding Nemo
Both stories display how 'standardized un-fits to the society' break free and triumph over social dilemmas and their own complexes. My favourite characters have to be...uhm all of them. Po,Marlin (Nemo's dad), DORIIIIIII ! Her accomplishments are selfless in the movie.

I got plenty more on the list!  I will say a quick word or two for each one... or not.Just to let share what I feel.

The Illusionist
   The illusionist is a magnificent movie. I stumbled upon it by mistake, but I don't regret watching it. A little journey of innocence through this big bag world is depicted with a little lesson of the importance of reality. This is a silent movie but actions are enough for this one.A must watch.                                           

Toy story
For the love of toys! The movie gave me a nudge, to not let go of my imagination. As Albert Einstein once said - "If you want your child to be smart, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be smarter read them MORE fairy tales!"*I wantz to be smartz,you see*
Bee movie
 "Nature.Love.Love.Nature.Give.Take.Give.Take.Give back." - Said I
                                                            Captain planet

         Not exactly a movie, but a animated series that was ahead of it's time. Go Planeteers! 

 CAUSE HE BE WEARING AWESOME SPECS! and no seriously, the adorable sibling relationship curtained is just unmissable. 

 A different outlook on a hero. A girl to bring about a change. About time they introduce a proper and independent perception of what girls can be. Brave, a term usually not associated  with  females. 

Commander safeguard *xD* (YES! Cause safae pasand log know that safae nifs imaan hai!)

    • Others : 
    • Madagascar
    • Happy feet
    • Wall-e
    • Ratatouille
    • Madagascar
    • Ice age 
    • Pinocchio
    • Charlie and The chocolate factory *_*
    • Alice in the wonderland
    • Horton
    • Legends of the Guardian
    • Fantasia
    • Also,
      Iron Giant (Who remembers?)

      I am lucky to have been born in such an era; I wait to watch such movies and more. To share them.  They are stories with morals. Just a little more coloured ;)

      With that.. it's a wrap.....
  • Hakuna Matata people! *Psst, try the 'Share my headphones widget'
    P.s. Every picture up here has been taken from Google, apart from the Dr.Lorax quote one. Copyright mentions have not been deleted. :)
    P.s.s. Happy Birthday Quaid-e-Azam, you azeem person! :3

Grateful, just cause.

     My life is made up of little missions. They might not come across as being big when I discuss them, so I resort not to discuss them but for the sake of clearing my head of, I will write this down. Yes, writing things out help me clear things. I don't always get the answers but I get the next big thing, a momentarily satisfaction.

     Out of my many little missions, one is : 'Not taking things for granted'. I am no where near achieving this goal, in fact as I write and ponder in my past, hell just yesterday, I feel like stopping,erasing this post and going back to sleep. But oh well, I have started and I am too curious to stop.

      I am very lucky, you know, in many ways. I just need to wear some one else's perspective. Some one obviously less blessed than me. I can also do the opposite and see through eyes perhaps more fortunate to me. Now immediate sense says, I'd be more humble if I view myself through less providential viewpoint. But giving myself a bit more time and thinking it through, either ways... less or not blessed at all...I realize that my humbleness is  should not  be limited.

     Why should I not just look around and just be appreciative or influenced? Why should I not be grateful when I see someone who has more than me? I was accustomed to believe that only from seeing those who have apparently nothing are less fortunate. My my, had I forgotten in this race, to not be judgemental.
                  My eyes they see yet they are not aware;
                  My ears they hear yet they don't feel at my heads end
                  My hands they touch yet they don't comprehend
                  My heart..the only thing that doesn't see,touches or hear...... understands?

     Within my own functions lie the answer and probably decoding it word by word will rip out the beauty of it. So I'll leave you to take your own meanings out of it.

     All I learned today is whether rich or poor isn't dependable on evident things and what morals we make for ourselves shouldn't either. Be good for it's right not cause that's the only option left.Live good, don't force it. Most of all, understand good.

P.s. [I am not a poet for obvious reasons but some things are better written broken down like up there]

                                                    With that - Adiós amigos!
      *Le me posting a random picture so to make this colourful,cause well
       I am too sleepy to search appropriate photos and well I love visuals*

A desire to be a smile maker.

         Apart from the very first two stories I posted on my blog, stuff here has been pretty thought provoking and serious. If you plan to read the lighter side go here : The 50 mosquitoes and My little pranksters journal (These might be a little hard to read since back then I was a very rough writer, I think I still am but ... oh well)


It's not like I don't want to write joyous and giddy stuff, on the contrary,I love humour and it hurts me that I struggle so badly writing it out. I play the joker everyday, so to live it, Seriously I get fits of randomness..... I got proof man, see picture to the right. Erm..... Okaaay ...perhaps... uh... yeah possibly.... I am no  Chaplin, Jim or Ellen. I don't claim to be them either...

Oh look, a random alien hovering.

Perhaps A little Chaplin, A greener and mushier version of Chaplin ? Meh, Least I go green. 
       Still a mere look won't turn me into that great person, so what would? It feels like asking for an angelic voice when I am clearly born with a bad pitched one. So it does end up being frustrating. I want something, I want to be able sing well but damn it! it just doesn't come naturally to me. Likewise humour, is such a noble entity. I want it and it's tremendous positives it comes with. One particular being: Optimism.Yes, I think humour couples positivity beautifully. For me it has the ability to change things,in the most surreal and subtle way. It works to strike the balance we *Oh so* badly need. As William Arthur Ward once said : " A well developed sense of humour is the pole that adds balance to your steps as you walk the tightrope of life" To which I say William mere bhai..... AMEN! If only we realized that the depths of humour can't be measured. It is philosophy at it's brightest! Hugh Sidey for me puts it in good words, so says "A sense of humour ... is needed armour.Joy in one's heart and some laughter on one's lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life." People learn to differentiate and prioritize when they learn to laugh. It is empowering yet it has the ability to reflect humbleness.It's alluring and captivating. It cures yet can possibly make you sick (by conflict and truth it withholds).It's harsh and gentle all at the same time.Simply put, It's magic! ♥ 

       Even after all this I wish I had more words to explain what little wit can bring to one's life. The things that make humour up are exactly why I want it. Will I get it? Is a question not I but those around me will only be able to answer.My proof will lie in the smiles I observe during my lifetime, especially the ones I won't be able to witness, when people between whom I won't be.. smile remembering me. 
     So what if I didn't and don't get the angelic voice, maybe I'll be the husky voiced singer, create my own music and so what if I am no Chaplin, I'll be my own trying humour.Rest to sure, if practice and extra instruments like a guitar and piano aids to making someone , a dedicated someone i.e. a better singer. Who am I to deny the power of trying. Surely some props and a committed heart can make me a better 'smile maker'.

History and it's vitality,broader vitality.

             It's a surprise really, when I hear people disliking history. They come across it to be boring and of no use at certain times. I realize we all have our own 'thaaang'. I know you like certain things and I don't but as a history lover *come on judge* I get defensive as it is. 

             I've learned to understand that since people don't particularly co-relate with your mindset you can't really hate them or even judge. As John Lennon once said ' Don't hate what you don't understand' to which I say 'Give them a shimmer of what you love, cause what you love deeply, you won't fail to make sense out of' and then it's really truly up to the other party if they want to respect the idea or leave it be or continue being sceptical about it.

                           See where I am taking this?  Back in time! *Yes play on words!*

The stories are engraved, you can't change them, you have no control. You just feel them, and learn.               

            History to me is like a story, a true tale. Most of you who read novels, should understand this closely than anyone else that history is nothing more than our world's chronicle, with characters being not made out, but original. We have stages, we have people, we have reality and enough miraculousness. It is good and it is bad. It's full of surprises and like every story it comes with a moral. And history gives us plenty! It makes us a human, a human of the society. It's as precious as experience to white hairs. The first thing I remember reading in class 8th History was 'Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it' - George Santayana. This hit me hard there and then; it took me not a second to realize before I got a new and refreshed perspective for history. I was but following a general audience pathway and hating on it. But then a mere sentence, or few ( =P ) made me dive into someone else's mind set. Some one who perhaps was more willing to understand history. All it took me was a few moments of thought and there I was. Loving something new, out of bounds and since than I've not regretted once taking that decision.

I'll give you a piece of advice, I've learned to let things in! and not be caged. So, don't cage yourself people. I love my mind today more than ever today, for the only reason that it lets me think over and over again and negates hate or close mindedness. Ever realized why we don't use most part of our brains? Perhaps, the very reason that we don't let it operate as freely as it we should. Think.

Least, give everything a try! A Simple try ;)

Earn your right to whine.

    So I was walking down the kitchen in a frenzy thinking out loud what things I have and have not done and what is left to be accomplished.When I stopped for a second and thought to my self, half the stuff I do , I do it out of my own consent. So why actually do I end up whining about how I've got so much on my plate? I realize that no one's holding me down on a gun point to clean the house, cook or even study for the sake of it *shocker* 

   So why do we cry over things? When we in our own sane minds wouldn't want it any different. Let me break it down for you , imagine  your fellow friend moaning about their courses and piled up assignments while simultaneously cursing... just cursing ... and stop for a moment to think that that friend is actually you. We all have our grouchy moments but the increase of such moaning around me is really making me nauseating, and hence I surrendered to writing it out.

Sob Sob Sobitty Sob! >.<

    For a normal eye it all may seem harmless, in fact a bit cool,  but this grouchiness and irritation threatens us when  it starts to develop as a habit and a habit is something that develops slowly and is equally, if not more, hard to get rid of. So in a broader spectrum we make our selves accustom to whining and so now the very  important question arises... when do I actually get to know that I am really burdened or over working myself? Where and when will I get that satisfaction of truly crying if I'm programming my self to do it all the time? In other words : When is it that I am earning my cries ?

  Do you really think you'd actually be sitting at home watching movies and barfing all over the place all your life rather than achieving something? So why the disconnect between your loud thoughts and apparent thoughts?

So  much that goes in my head and so much is left partially un-answered but for now this is all I can derive :

    Number 1 :

  •  'Do your thinking prior to talking and mean it well!'          
And number 2 ;

  •  'Don't over do anything to the extend that it looses its charm, the beauty of everything in life retains in keeping things balanced' 

Learning to bend for the sake of words.

Whenever I decide to sit and write I feel the need to have everything perfect around me. Somehow the importance of words and their dignity for me should not be shared with anyone less than perfect. Maybe I put them to an extremely high stature. Little did I know that life is everything but perfect and or perhaps our definition of perfect is flawed. Is it?

For that I say  " Like beauty perfection also lies in the eye of the beholder "

Today I learned to bend my back on certain things. To realize that when you pave your way differently than that of which you ideally thought of , it does not kill the importance of that subject but rather shines your affection towards it .

Something you are ready to mould your self for. Something ? Anything?

Peace of mind.

The power of truth lies in it's crucial clarity and lucidity.Whereas, a bit of a lie can leave you in disarray putting behind a mind in which bewilderment and uncertainty prevail. Remember, pondering over a mere speculation is like trapping your self in a black hole, you know not what might come off the matter or if you can actually, at any given time, escape it. Rid yourself of such little but effective dilemma and stick to what is .. simple. Leave the complications in the black hole and not yourself. ;)

Oh! So thoughtful .Oh! So deep.

After we grow up from our child mind we never really truly stay unbiased.

Questions and Answers

      Questions and then Answers. This is the order. It's not questions and questions or answers and answers or answers before questions, It's simply questions before answers. Honestly I am just trying to confuse you cause factually when someone is confused,a little not too much, they tend to stick around to give themselves just a bit more of time to understand the situation. Be cautious too much confusion can cause a person to jolt and leave. And since I feel like what I am saying is not just a mere sentence but a meaningful ruling, yes I said ruling, I have the right to confuse you enough to read it to the end.

      I'll give you a bit of a philosophical background (bear with me?).Life is not a solid structure but an entity dependant collaboratively on .. theories? morals? guidelines?... well, simply put life is reliant on .. rules, to each their own. These rules collectively will give you a picture of who you are, you can test it by dividing your coexisting rules and figuring that you are indeed an object of many complex and not-so-complex properties. And likely one basic yet as important as basics are ever is the order of 'Questioning and Answering'.

    One must learn not only to question but question correctly. If you think the answer is more important than a rightly asked question, you and I would be at parallel ends. A right question no matter how bizarre it seems to be in the worldly context is vital, ever more so than a hard to find answer. This turns more important since most of our lives we learn to adopt those ready-made answers,regardless of the fact if they are right or wrong. Remember the right will surpass the toughest of query you come up with, challenge what is right and you will get the fittest of the theory.This is was the sack of meat in  your skull is for. Following me so far? Good! Now what comes after we have questioned correctly? The answers.. duh. Also there is this period of struggle to actually reach the appropriate answer which in a magnified scholarly way can be called the journey of life. * Pause to think about what I just said :P *

    Since I am not talking about the journey from a question to an answer I'll chuck it and get on directly to the actual good that comes off when you search for a certain answer after interrogation, fairly the number one being : THE FREAKING PLEASURE! Yes, the satisfaction is worth more than an unsourced answer.  Basically I am telling you to earn the answers. You are more likely to have a clear conception, if you follow this order ,which is better than a misconception which is like a half truth, deadly.

    I feel these theories to be cautionary soul-caring statements..... likewise to a person telling you to stay away from fire so you don't burn cause our soul needs protection too.

Sine qua non being :
Question correctly, contemplate and work to earn your answers..and then live the solution.

Sounds simple doesn't it? Well, you just wait till you finally decide to follow through this piece of method ;)