Wish: Animated treasure.

No, this isn't a clever thought-on title for a grand philosophy running in my head rather just a twinkle of a wish amongst the plenty I come up with occasionally. I know it's a tad cheesy but I like cheesy...so that's that. Since there lays no order to the wish process, I'll be random with these. Today I'll be introducing you to my first random wish.. or my first random open wish.Nevertheless... drums roll please ..anyone.... no? Fine,I'll do it myself  *da dum ba tiss dum badadadadadadadum*

                                              : Animated treasure :
If you want to take your guess on what this might stand for, go ahead. Do it and then proceed reading. After you read it, you'll realize the content isn't as intricate as I am making it to be. *sasti fancygiri*.Any ways, without further dramatics, the title "Animated treasure" pretty much stands for it self. It has two meanings, one literal and the other derivative.

    > Literally it'll mean to have a valuable vivacity, in my extract I'm talking about life in general,as to how I'd like my life to pan out, with animation... liveliness, spiritedness ?


    >The derivative meaning,yet ironically the obvious, wish stands on having an 'Animated movie library'.Yeah,you read it right. If there is anything I want to collect more (after books and hand drawn children art) it's an animated movie library. I'll name a few as you read on but first I'll tell you a bit as to why I want to do this. Animated cartoons have always bought in me a sense of life and optimism,which I so dearly value in my life and since I get to save this with me for as long as I live, I will ! Probably pass it on to my kids and let them taste, extract and enjoy the gorgeous stories I did.

Examples :

THE LION FREAKING KING! What doesn't this movie teach!? At the start you have a law and order, a sense of serenity.All the meanwhile danger lurks the beautiful lives of the peaceful souls (Do we relate?). Much like it happens in our lives, the hazard comes from a place where you, traditionally,won't anticipate it from. Things just don't go bad, they go bad all of a sudden,they go from bad to worse in the blink of an eye ( and don't tell me you didn't shed a single tear when Mufasa died *Sobs*).A single corrupt intention effects badly on a large scale.Difficulty befalls us and with our fragile selves we escape and run, for courage comes only after learning. Strange kindness is experienced (Hakuna matata!).A tinge of  wiseness in the midst of disarray (Crazy old bandar). Hope lingers in the depths of darkness.Love finds you and finally, hope fuels you. Realization of doing the right thing regardless of  time span and age settles. You prepare to fight. After a fierce, tiring yet successful try, you let live for the first time. Letting you witness how a single good gesture can affect more than just you yourself, similarly to the previously shown corrupt intention, but only, we forget that bad is there for good to triumph, eventually ;)

DR.SEUSS' THE LORAX! Another brilliant movie I fell instantly in love with. The subject matter of 'The Lorax' is sown in a simple story line but over it rides a heavy and worth pondering over theory.The tale advocates for nature, by representing one most valuable,most beautiful,and common yet an underrated creation : Trees.The movie sucker punches you in the wisest ways.How ignorant we are, to accumulate only and not give back. It teaches you to find a balance between necessity and luxury.When the story paints a picture of stealing trees away from you, you realize how ungrateful we can be, and exactly how sometimes the point of realization only shows up in our face when it's too late. However, not to kill us right in the middle of the movie they throw in for us a happy ending.How can a simple movie be so cheerful and leave you questioning yourself and ones action?

Exceptional wordings in the movie made me watch it over and again , few of them are as followed :

Click to enlarge. Sorry for the bad editing.

Two different, yet to me having a similar moral code , stories were :


Both revolve around portraying love as being unconditional and lasting (clichéd..? na,only on paper).Where Shrek sides affection regardless of mainstream ideas of beautiful, UP brings a very believable emotion in a dreamy adventure. Both also share a rather shadowed theme of 'friends'; different shape,sized and aged creatures come together to perhaps make the best team to fight the bad guys and serve us a happy ending. 

Next up :

Kung Fu Panda

*da dum ba tiss dum badadadadadadadum*

Finding Nemo
Both stories display how 'standardized un-fits to the society' break free and triumph over social dilemmas and their own complexes. My favourite characters have to be...uhm all of them. Po,Marlin (Nemo's dad), DORIIIIIII ! Her accomplishments are selfless in the movie.

I got plenty more on the list!  I will say a quick word or two for each one... or not.Just to let share what I feel.

The Illusionist
   The illusionist is a magnificent movie. I stumbled upon it by mistake, but I don't regret watching it. A little journey of innocence through this big bag world is depicted with a little lesson of the importance of reality. This is a silent movie but actions are enough for this one.A must watch.                                           

Toy story
For the love of toys! The movie gave me a nudge, to not let go of my imagination. As Albert Einstein once said - "If you want your child to be smart, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be smarter read them MORE fairy tales!"*I wantz to be smartz,you see*
Bee movie
 "Nature.Love.Love.Nature.Give.Take.Give.Take.Give back." - Said I
                                                            Captain planet

         Not exactly a movie, but a animated series that was ahead of it's time. Go Planeteers! 

 CAUSE HE BE WEARING AWESOME SPECS! and no seriously, the adorable sibling relationship curtained is just unmissable. 

 A different outlook on a hero. A girl to bring about a change. About time they introduce a proper and independent perception of what girls can be. Brave, a term usually not associated  with  females. 

Commander safeguard *xD* (YES! Cause safae pasand log know that safae nifs imaan hai!)

    • Others : 
    • Madagascar
    • Happy feet
    • Wall-e
    • Ratatouille
    • Madagascar
    • Ice age 
    • Pinocchio
    • Charlie and The chocolate factory *_*
    • Alice in the wonderland
    • Horton
    • Legends of the Guardian
    • Fantasia
    • Also,
      Iron Giant (Who remembers?)

      I am lucky to have been born in such an era; I wait to watch such movies and more. To share them.  They are stories with morals. Just a little more coloured ;)

      With that.. it's a wrap.....
  • Hakuna Matata people! *Psst, try the 'Share my headphones widget'
    P.s. Every picture up here has been taken from Google, apart from the Dr.Lorax quote one. Copyright mentions have not been deleted. :)
    P.s.s. Happy Birthday Quaid-e-Azam, you azeem person! :3


  1. I'm a sucker for animated movies too. But I'm pretty sure you've seen more than I have. Haha.
    I loved, loved, LOVED The Iron Giant! I have to book too. It's one of my ultimate favorites. But the only animated movies I can watch a trillion times over are Shark Tale and Enchanted.

    Great post!

  2. amazing........ to see it . you are still a child insight..

  3. @Allu : I know who you! :D. Thanks for reading it Allu man <3

    @Furee: Oh now look, I forgot enchanted :'(. But you're right, Iron Giant is brilliant. Thanks for reading and as always not being a kanjoos in commenting :3

    @Prashant: Thanks a bunch. I'd like to believe so too ;3

  4. @Komal : I was very nostalgic too. Glad to have made you feel the same :D
    Thanks for reading and following \m/

  5. I am actually making a collection of all animated movies..:D I love them soo much..


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