Finally, I feel awesome!

I know using the word awesome, being so overused and cliché and so… ‘normal’ somehow cuts down on my seemingly legitimate value. But what the hell, why does normalcy, or especially not being among the ones whose prime purpose is to run and run away from gelling in, and reaching where they are recognized as ‘unique’, such a bad thing?

To be honest, I am tattered. I feel shit. I am making mistakes, more as of late, and am pretty clueless in my otherwise personally self organized life. And ironically, I am just fine.

There is no magic to it. I’ve just learned to accept the many faces of life. I’ve learned to not know the outcomes, as life is as unpredictable as it gets. Still hold onto  being the one who tries, because life being unpredictable isn’t an excuse to lurk around and do nothing, but more of a challenge to get off our butts and try harder. 

It’s just perspective I guess.

I am also trying to realize that there are billions of people out there, all product of some beautiful random combination, who share the same one or more or countless attributes and troubles with me. I am not unique, and I am okay with that. Cause I am from this gorgeous planet, with people I can share, atleast in my universal mind, the idea of being a part of it. And with that comes the idea of peace and faith. People are alike, and they get over things. And so shall I.

I mean honestly, doesn’t the modern idea of uniqueness have a ring of isolation attached to it? And who here wants isolation as a destination? As a mere pit-stop it suffices, but as a destination, it sounds haunting and hollow. Nothing impressive to me.

I am sorry, I wish I could give a speech about how awesomeness springs from being unique. But in my little experience, (packaged with the notion of accepting well constructed counter arguments) I come to the conclusion that compassion, empathy and being humble unites us. In that, we’re one. And it is from that one we are truly satisfied. Even when we feel like we’re twenty feet covered in shit.

 Oh and Happy New Year everyone! :)