My little prankster's journal.

6:00 Am And that is my mother's cue. She shouts out our names in the still dark environment. No sun, no birds and no sound. Until 15 minutes later you could hear the birds and eventually there is light as the sun rises and we find our selves still attached to our beds refusing to give ear to her.

Hardly 20 minutes left for the car to arrive and we haven't even brushed our teeth. Rush rises as one by one we shake each other off bed and line up in front of the bathroom. One manages to iron the uniform while I prepare breakfast, and next to the last of us would run around KT to get her ready;she being the last. We all would end up trying to get KT ready; While one manages her socks;the next manages her uniform and the third would make her finish her breakfast and in this rush the rest of us would be left with little or no time for ourselves.

That's how we sisters used to go to school together.Those were the truly memorable days.With our bag packs filled to such an extent that books looked suffocated and appeared as if they would pop out any second.With braided hairs,except for the youngest one of us,with shiny dead-straight hairs she had "just enough" hairs to make a pony tail.Her beautiful long lashes round those black rather squinted eyes.Her pink cheeks embraced by the dimples and her flat lips along with her pear-shaped nose. She was indeed a head turner but little did people know what they were getting them selves into when they poked her.You are not to judge a book by it's cover, no matter how small or huge the book is.

Her white uniform frock with blue striped laces on her sleeves and collar would fall perfectly till her knees.White socks and black shoes.

And with that our day starts and we part our way to respective sections.

1:30PM School ends.

We sisters unite at the school door and then walked to our car.Except,It wasn't always that easy.KT had her "contact-web" spread from the gate keeper/gardener to the head in-charges of every section.Since her classes ended an hour before us she had plenty of time to achieve this.So in order to find her we were to ask the bus drivers or the gate keeper or even teachers as they walk past us.Every day had the same ending in "The hunt for KT".

Some time around when I was in 9th standard,I remember the day when we had found her and were planning to leave school.She with her usual hopping around like a bunny explained her day to me and I pretended to listen.

Getting used to notes coming from her teachers I had a habit of checking her bag-pack daily on our half hour journey to home.There was nothing.I breathed a sigh of relief.Astonishingly enough KT had not responded to my action neither a taunt nor a smirk.She was playing with something that had no toy like appearance.

"What is that in your hand?" I asked.

"Nothing.A classmate had her birthday.This was her treat" She smiled.

I got quite for a moment.Trying to figure out what exactly was that in her hand.Something small,white with few buttons while the rest of it was hidden cause of the angle she was sitting at.It took me a moment to finally clear out the blurs and drop to a conclusion;If it were to be a toy it would have had a rather bright and attractive appearance rather it was dull and looked nothing of that sort.It had a key like structure attached to it which got revealed later and it added on to my doubts.What toy would have a key-like pattern and a box with button and that too this boring?

"KT can i see that?" starting politely.

"No" with equal calmness came her reply.

"Won't you share it with your sister?" I tried to melt her.But it was of no use and out came the same reply as before.

Finally I took the liberty of "commanding" from her that gift " KT give it me!?".

"Why?" She was clearly not in the mood to hand it over.

So I prepared my self for a battle "You put it in my hand now or else i WILL have to take it from you myself".

Though not much needed to be done and that is 'cause before i could jump into action she threw it off out of the moving cars window.

My eyes widened.With shock i gasped.While she sat as if nothing had happened.The always annoyed driver was not going to stop for some toy and my brain was tackling too many things to make a decision then.So i waited till we reached home.

Finally home.Tired and exhausted.

"Mother;I think i saw a car key in Kt's hand today"After much thought that was all i could sketch that so called toy into " was a key to some automatic car i guess...had buttons and all...she told me it was a toy but it did not look to me as a toy car key.." with much confusion i was pouring out what i had known.

"Are u sure?" My mother wanted to double-check.She immediately called the school hoping she would just be able to catch section in charge by then and she did.Her not talking to KT directly was not something i could decode.Did she expect the same lie she gave me?But of course I had no grounds,she could have escaped easily.

My mother knew the section in-charge well.Ms.Zubaida had replied positively to a car key missing and that too of a teacher in her section.

My mother hung up after a good solid 15 minutes conversation.And called KT.Gave her quite a lecture.She promised not to do anything of that sort.

After which she was told to go take a shower.

When I asked if her section would detain her or punish her? She laughed out loud.
If i had not been shocked enough mother's laughing almost looked insane!.

"Why are you laughing ma?" i asked trying not to look awkward.

"When i described to Ms.Zubaida the entire scene and the "toy" you were talking about.She DID say it was of a teacher..."

"then what is so funny!? She shouldn't have done that!.."interrupting my mother.

"Shhhushh..listen first" That is my mother politely telling me to shut up " and then she laughed!."

Astounded as i asked "Ms.Zubaida?!"

"Yes,she said;'Little KT did well done!,Everyone hated that teacher whose car key who God knows how your kid took.She is not only annoying to the kids her but the entire staff here.I've never gotten so many complains against a teacher.She shouts and complains about every single thing... without fail!"My mother pausing momentarily;
"Let's just say she has been over our heads for quite some time.It was sucha joy to see her quite and very nervously trying to find her car keys while others were clearly trying to mask there joy and I as well'".

I had only two words running in my head " WHAT LUCK!WHAT LUCK!WHAT LUCK!"

My mother was astonished and it was almost as if she read my mind"What luck she has.She says she won't tell anybody about the incident and to top that she tried to convince me not to be so harsh on KT and think of it as mother nature's style of pay back"

"hehe" Came out of me a courtesy laugh.

Mother told me she couldn't properly absorb THIS ..when Ms.Zaubaida started off telling more tales of KT.Telling her how KT sings "Laaal dupatta ur gaya tere hawa ke jhaunke shayyy" [My red dupatta flew away because of your gust of wind]while sliding across the hallways and actually "acting" down right in front of her office.

My mother then excused,I guess she could not take it anymore and there's when I came to know what took my mother this long on the phone.

I shook my head.As we realized she was standing by the door and hadn't gone to shower.

We laughed knowingly there was no cure to this little prankster.

Heads up.


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