Where vendors live – a childhood wonderland

They are everywhere you go. In shadows and dead ends, found in daylight and sunsets; at beaches and barren roads, besides you and behind you, in sadness and joy, with the youthful and old, but mostly together with a child, accompanied by a smile.

They survive on your happiness, knowingly or not, intended somewhat. Yet, like trees or those candies and toys they sell, we don’t appreciate them as much.

These vendors are the ones living and breathing, everything. Reaching extinction, in the dead ends and shadows, in sadness and troubles. At barren alleys and sunsets but not as on the beach.

Small homes, mini quarters, they are truly behind you, below you in every aspect of life.

They sell what they can’t have: Dreams. They live like veiled super-heroes, at the edge of each city, just minus the luxuries. 

(Picture source : http://blogs.wsj.com/photojournal/2011/10/10/photos-of-the-day-oct-10/)