Break it up! It's Nothing fancy.

        I have long forgotten the idea of 'taking a break'. Cuddled up in my bed to watch a movie or play video games is the 21st century definition of a break. So here's the deal - I have exams coming up and I try to find ways to exert some of the tension by turning to TV, a good movie  etc. The idea that silently surfaces around my head is that these are the 'new' forms of taking a 'time-out' while it may seem effective on paper it is rarely of any  use. After hours of computer usage and reading out of paper , you'd think more time on computer or another form of screen will help your eyes breath a little. It doesn't. Infact - I feel suffocated and I start walking around the house just to get some air. It took me long enough to grasp the pattern I fell into and what was meant to be an hour or a half break suddenly turns into what seems like an age of restlessness.

Finally after some days, I walked up to my roof accompanied by nothing but my own self. Sat there for hours, it felt peaceful even though Karachi's heat can be cruel, the shade I sat under was just ideal with the right amount of air and sun. For that particular moment I left every form of disturbance behind  me and sat. Simply sat. Nodding on my ownself with disapproval for complicating the idea of 'relaxing'. It's not rocket science, it's an escape. I would have loved  a cup of tea and a book to be my partners in that moment but even that seemed like hampering the satisfaction.

This is not much of a categorized update on my blog but rather me sharing a very simple moment. Something that gave me a break from my own chain of messed up thoughts. To all those preparing for their exams, be it Matric or CIE , I ask you to take five every now and then but the right kind.