Prejudice died.

Saw blindness walk among the sighted, working every minute with more conviction than most of us ever see -  prejudice died.

Zebra Talk: "Homes, places we've grown, all of us are done for...

Zebra Talk: "Homes, places we've grown, all of us are done for...: I can wade Grief, whole pools of it, I'm used to that, Emily Dickinson assures me. But the least push of Joy Breaks up my feet, And I t...

Younger sister and the parade of questions for me.

Oft times even with my own self I tend to question whether I exaggerate, and thus if what I conceive and conclude is truly reliable.  Later , with more anxiousness than I can admit to, I concluded that sometimes, I simply have to go with the flow. What I think should have a voice and whether right, wrong or somewhere in the middle, it should be spoken.

Today, looking at my youngest sister sleep I can't help but think, as I've done many a times before, whether people realize that being in authority is and should be more scary than taken.

For kids, like my sister, right and wrong are mere terms we feed them, before that they are all just questions,tangled but prominent conjecture of nothingness. Though questions are never wrong, it is the answers that may or may not be right.

Exhibit A:

Mama J gets a call from the school to send back Little J's report card, that which was send a week ago to be signed by her. To her surprise she knows nothing about the report card and asks her son directly.

'I didn't want to show you my report card' little J says in an obvious tone
'But why?' she asks
'Cause I got bad grades ...and if you saw it, I'd be scolded ' comes a reply in a matter of fact tone.

What a tight spot for Mama J to be in, if she scolds him, she proves just how right J's deduction is.

Sometimes kids bring up the loopholes in us, those which we stopped working on as soon as we realized we have power. Like this very common example which exhibits in its simplest form the improper way we exercise our influence. most of us at one point or another have encountered an unfair treatment by a supreme figure or been one ourself, examples that are much extreme version of Little J's story. So it comes as no surprise to me that the topic takes shape of an extensive importance.

Being authoritative, I believe should  not just be synonymous to being strict and firm but mostly kind. It's important to realize that like J or my sister, these kids don't carry manipulated ways of living their life. They don't live to prove how right or wrong mine or your designed morals and ethics are, they survive in the most inspiring manner of simplicity, something my words lacks worth to define.

Likewise is the case with other juniors in life , whether in respect to age,class or career paths. We can't simply exercise our powers and ditch the responsibility that are affixed, most basic of which requires  us to be sympathetic.

For now I just see a little girl by my side, but imagining how similarly our roles may be played by different people all around the world, with different degrees of consequences, I shiver to think that slavery is not an archaic concept any more, but has developed and modernized itself.

The leash of life

Disclaimer : What you're about to read is something some may call a direct threat to humour and sarcasm. Please, for the sake of comedy and who respect it, don't read and be gone. There is only a mere hint of buffoonery, all for the purpose of a bigger concept.

My life's not public, and for that I feel very thankful. The notion of having some,if not all control over what you let for the people to see, is a blessing. Yet some folks are at a beautiful ease when it comes to plastering themselves out in the open. How much it helps them in a long run, only they know, for me they seem at extremes of either being at ease or at a position where they seem to be quite obnoxious... or at-least so I thought.

Why am I suddenly at an interest how people choose to manage the leash on their lives?

Because I went out today. *the walls gasp*

Don't worry dear wall, you're still my best and only friend. If it weren't for my university beginning , I would have never ever ever left you :')

Anyways, fast forwarding through my misery, I was strolling down the lobby and eavesdropping overheard what people there were bantering about, and it was quite hilarious.

Take this group of about 8 - 10 girls who were squealing for God knows what reason, when one of them suddenly shoved her mate, half her size, rather delicately, resulting in a thrust of not so delicate force. She took about 4 steps to her right before stabilizing...

'Har wakt 'FB' pe kyun chipki rehti hai? Is jangli ko sardi bhi lagti hai tau yeh facebook page pe dal deti hai uske baray mai... " OMG SARDI SARDI"  

I do not know what was funnier, the push, the imitation as she swayed her Queen Latifa body, or the reply that followed...

'Yaar woh meri ammi kar deti hai..' 

Bahahaa whaaaaat?

A slightly exaggerated back version of Ms .Vergara,
always a great metaphor. 
If ladies and gentlemen, IF , a huge 10 times Sofia Vergaras' buttocks size huge IF, this is true, I'd like to meet the mom myself, smile looking at her uncontrollably and take her autograph.

IF it's not true, which it IS, I think the girl could have done a better job with her alibi. Sisters,brothers,friends,cousins,random-hackers yada yada ...were not enough? Your mom? Seriously...? :|

Shortly after, there was another follow up of a very goofy character who happened to have been sitting right next to me, she was quite the spectacle. You name a colour, she had it on. The purple yellow earrings, with the pink doll clippers, the blue band, the black slippers, beige socks, yellow cloth with a dozen coloured polka dots and the fancy red mobile phone,*sigh* which brings me to the conversation I over heard...

Oh for heads up, know that we were sitting in a classroom with a speaker giving the introductory speech in a voice that felt like one had stepped on his tail.

The girl : 'Yaar subah 8 se mai bhi pakk rahi hoon,ajaon na tum. '
Translation : 'Koi khaas hamdardi nahi tumharay sath, saath paknay ke lie koi chaiyeh'

The speaker, whose words I could barely make out over the 'gola- ganda behan' talking, went on something like this

"Yeh mukaam apki zindagion ka buhat ehaamm mukaam hai... " 
"Is mukaam pe apko mehnat se kaam karna hoga..."
"Pleaasee ajaaoooo"
"Yahan ke ustaad, apki har tarah se himayat karainge.."
"Pata nahi yeh admi bol rha hai, tum ajao please please, shuru hone wala hai show..'

Erm... show?

Little Ms.Rainbow here forget that we were sitting in a lecture hall, about to be graced by our departments' head.

Considering how a twenty minute orientation, that was suppose to commence at 8:30 in the morning but ended up being at 12 in the afternoon, I applaud the energy these kids show. Somewhere down the road I was so tired, I began to think how easy it is to not be the quite one. To not be the observer but the observant. Hence the reflection upon people's control over themselves, their speech and their demeanour.

These kids are just a few example over the many little phrases, curses, yelps, cries, laughters I heard and took in. Yet to some I might have been the same spectacle I looked them as. Good thing, chances of them not writing a blog about it are in my favour. :D

In short, whatever we do to show or accustom ourselves to display as a part of us is individual property. Its unique in every way we describe our emotions to be. The only thing left to do is be at ease with that individuality, and leave it for dumb and lately inspiration -less bloggers like myself to write about it. :3