Gone Insane

Someday my ideas will drive me crazy!

I'll be the lunatic who'll become a laughing stock for young and old to mock; for them to point and shove my overachieved sanity for insanity. No sir! I am not wise by a million light years; I am just dumb enough to accept that entire wisdom cannot be achieved by a mere mortal - especially by the likes of me. The paradoxical entireties of our lives have been ever so magnificently (as an adjective only reserved for Him) placed to keep men grounded. As man half flies with intellect and comes back down… trashing down, realizing that all knowledge leads to one entity and His alone, and to one reality: of nothingness and his alone.

Man! Man! Man! You absurd little creature.

You learn to observe, discover and learn, yet with each step in that direction, self stitch your lips into the deep abyss of realization. A realization too profound for not only mine but for any writer, who dares me, to write... to express. I wonder if this is how maniacs are born. If this is how, in the roots of burdensome, roaring liberation, servants of God are born. The silent, the poets, the detached of the society are born.