Miss Sylvia Sylvester

Meet Sylvia Sylvester,
I am sure you know her!
But no later than today,
whilst you fought the conductor on that train,
I can vouch you saw her,
in a view so plain.
Uhm, she is not very stunning,
neither ugly in terms,
neither elfin or tall,
nor the one you’d fall for.

No, does not stand out, neither is she stale,
she walks with the world, though slow in pace,
can't claim her to be clever,
or  a dummy for that matter,
nor is her grown up self cunning neither naïve,
or in fact is she too old to be called wise.

She does not talk,
but knows enough to express it hot,
come to think…
she reflects mother nature in that aspect quite a lot.

I realize she’s easy to forget and hard to remember,
but its important you try here, cause she is Sylvia Sylvester!
Unseen, unfelt, and unheard,
Sylvia does not know the words  associated with her,
still by now, I am certain you know her,
she is the average men's ego - Miss Sylvia Sylvester

The three T's

In the subcontinent you’ll find three T’s in abundance: Tea, Talk and Tuitions (being taken by students). The sudden expansion of the compulsory tutoring of every kid after school hours has coined itself as a parental ‘must-do’ notion, which in turn has students deeming it as a necessity.
My confrontation with this belief came in the form of this developing school culture, where students and parents alike argued that tuitions are a form of keeping you in pace with school work, the assignments, examinations etc - an inevitable requirement.  The idea was so obviously contradictory to the core purpose of school that I could not help but disagree.  Is school not doing that to begin with? To my eyes, private tutoring can only be justified under special circumstances i.e.  If you have a serious lack of understanding on a ‘particular’ subject that results in constant failure, specifically after you’ve tried getting help from close resources: home/friends etc.

Draining your own resources to study the same thing you learn at school seems like a waste of money and time. This undoubtedly leads to common problems such as of finances; social pressure among the peers to seek tutoring where needed not, the likability to cut back on extracurricular activities just to turn an ‘A’ into an ‘A+’,  added pressure of coping with two institutions etc. Not to forget thereof, the dying prestige of lectures at school with the growth of tuitions, leading many teachers to switch their playfields. And worse than that, ‘share’ their playfield for maximum profit.  In so focusing shift from quality education to a quality pay check.
In conclusion there’s little to no benefit attached to the tuition culture that seems to be thriving simply on the basis of hoax importance in the society.


   The idea of fitting in, the tight ideals of culture and society that chain us are more actively than we think it does. Some times I think if even the very idea of freedom is a cultural bound understanding and nothing more. Is life a constant loop of adaptation? If not, then why is death feared and not embraced. After all, we're dust. Destined to be swooped by the wind for more to settle.