A desire to be a smile maker.

         Apart from the very first two stories I posted on my blog, stuff here has been pretty thought provoking and serious. If you plan to read the lighter side go here : The 50 mosquitoes and My little pranksters journal (These might be a little hard to read since back then I was a very rough writer, I think I still am but ... oh well)


It's not like I don't want to write joyous and giddy stuff, on the contrary,I love humour and it hurts me that I struggle so badly writing it out. I play the joker everyday, so to live it, Seriously I get fits of randomness..... I got proof man, see picture to the right. Erm..... Okaaay ...perhaps... uh... yeah possibly.... I am no  Chaplin, Jim or Ellen. I don't claim to be them either...

Oh look, a random alien hovering.

Perhaps A little Chaplin, A greener and mushier version of Chaplin ? Meh, Least I go green. 
       Still a mere look won't turn me into that great person, so what would? It feels like asking for an angelic voice when I am clearly born with a bad pitched one. So it does end up being frustrating. I want something, I want to be able sing well but damn it! it just doesn't come naturally to me. Likewise humour, is such a noble entity. I want it and it's tremendous positives it comes with. One particular being: Optimism.Yes, I think humour couples positivity beautifully. For me it has the ability to change things,in the most surreal and subtle way. It works to strike the balance we *Oh so* badly need. As William Arthur Ward once said : " A well developed sense of humour is the pole that adds balance to your steps as you walk the tightrope of life" To which I say William mere bhai..... AMEN! If only we realized that the depths of humour can't be measured. It is philosophy at it's brightest! Hugh Sidey for me puts it in good words, so says "A sense of humour ... is needed armour.Joy in one's heart and some laughter on one's lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life." People learn to differentiate and prioritize when they learn to laugh. It is empowering yet it has the ability to reflect humbleness.It's alluring and captivating. It cures yet can possibly make you sick (by conflict and truth it withholds).It's harsh and gentle all at the same time.Simply put, It's magic! ♥ 

       Even after all this I wish I had more words to explain what little wit can bring to one's life. The things that make humour up are exactly why I want it. Will I get it? Is a question not I but those around me will only be able to answer.My proof will lie in the smiles I observe during my lifetime, especially the ones I won't be able to witness, when people between whom I won't be.. smile remembering me. 
     So what if I didn't and don't get the angelic voice, maybe I'll be the husky voiced singer, create my own music and so what if I am no Chaplin, I'll be my own trying humour.Rest to sure, if practice and extra instruments like a guitar and piano aids to making someone , a dedicated someone i.e. a better singer. Who am I to deny the power of trying. Surely some props and a committed heart can make me a better 'smile maker'.


  1. You are so pretty! That green moustache made me LOL.

    I can't sing at all. I have the voice of a toad being choked by a fly caught in its throat. And I'm being completely serious.

    Somehow the tone and writing style of this post is a bit different to your previous ones. How come?

    I replied to your lovely comment on my blogggg. :)

    1. Haha, Glad something over here did.

      Hahaha, I have heard so many bizarre voices singing so beautifully, khair singing nahi tau voice over sahi.

      Uhm,Yes this was written at 5 in the morning.I did the editing and everything only when the sun was rising.I don't know if sleep got to me or what.So when I was actually writing and putting pictures up,the pictures were getting hard to place.
      Also, I try to do things a little different every now and then, but it's a risk nonetheless... tell me did you find it hard to read?

      Ah! Thankyou for telling me that. I need a way to know when people reply :/

  2. Haha I thought you were writing about me :p
    I can relate to every word
    And keep experimenting with writing styles :)

    1. Haha, finding commonality in thoughts. Nothing better then that.
      I am glad you could.

      Hehe, that I'll keep on doing.
      Thank you so much :)

  3. Ahh what to say, your this blog contain a lot of versatility it have grogginess, playfulness, impassiveness, ofcourse its very personable. And very wisely used quotations adds jewels to its beauty.
    These picture shows other side of your personality which idicates that you keep your and other's life amused, and still having some cubhood alive in you. It may be because you might be very chirpy. Ending it becouse I don't want to write any blog.
    Hoping that very soon you will be Rockstar.

    1. I am baffled. Mostly, cause I did not even think so highly of my own blog. Thanks a lot for the appreciation .

      And now to the personal compliments.Again, thank you so much.I hope what you think of me is really me and that I grow to keep impressing you. ^_^

      Thanks a lot.

      P.s. Please write as long a comment you want :P, I got no problems.

  4. Oh glad to see it. Keep smiling !


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