Hypocrites, cowards, poltroon, iniquitous... sinful people!

Well I'll be damned. You my barely empty blog and it's cold reflection of my life, I summon you, yes summon to tell you how you are my only slave, friend and tutor. I learned something so cold, its almost making me feel my soul, and suffocated. Something about expectations. The expectation of not love or mercy but rather intelligence or rationality. It's rare.

Given you have people all around you and only a few be there to see you tear up, you expect rationality from them. Just that... not more. I have had a brutal experience of relying on people who are apparently very righteous,  but when the time comes they surrender to bias, racist, discriminatory even brutal verdicts.

Hypocrites, cowards, poltroon, iniquitous... sinful people!

Why would you so much so talk about something you are not ready to implement? The last thing you get, and what you aim to achieve as you deceive with your words, is respect. And since they're close to someone, they often forget they have the power to sour a heart. But not me. God is mightier to me than blood kinship. I shall return to Him and I know He hates hypocrites, and that His wrath will be mightier than temporal pain. I shall endure, I shall have faith. Cause faith is one part of my heart none of you will penetrate.

Be strong everyone, keep your hold and keep a place in your heart for God, only Him, cause everyone in this world , including me , can manipulate and hypocrite but HIM.

All praise be to Allah, the most merciful and the most gracious. 

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