Differences that hurt us.

The one mean thing we do to ourselves is: we compare. We are never truly happy with what we have, and that is basic human nature for most of us; being receptive, critical and comparative, is one apparent quality that reflects this notion.

Certainly, being inspired is a perk, but engulfing our accomplices' traits, not to indubitably 'add' to our characters but to have it fight with what we already are, is dangerous. It leaves us with a sense of inferiority and in turn, upsets us heavily.

http://rutabatariq.blogspot.com/2014/02/differences-that-hurt-us.htmlWe are suppose to be individuals, with our own set of problems and blessings, and all with varying degrees. And it's meant to be explored, build-on and embraced. What we mostly do, is we fail to  take this first step and readily jump onto other sources of inspiration.  Just like two fingerprints, that are never the same, we can't blade our personalities to match that of others, so why bother?

 Just like two fingerprints, that are never the same, we can't blade our personalities to match that of others.

So, I guess, what I am trying to say, is we need to be a bit grateful for our distinctiveness and not treat  it is as a menace; you inevitably end up having a fight with your own self, and since no one in the world judges, never truly, what makes a good person a good person, we fall into a loop of endless confusions. And take it from me, it is NOT a nice place to be in.

Take baby step, just try and come to terms with yourself. It'll be relieving, to say the least.


To Kaa'ba and eternal rest

Turned, twisted and spun, the car did
Just like the life in me,
like the life in them - my family

Glimpsing death so fleet,
I saw like pearls, and precious, few smiles 
but none one was mine,
I understood, death was not my guest tonight

One untainted said ,' Fate had it, I had to go pure...
so God called as I visited heaven on Earth, right here...' 

Softly the smiles faded and darkness prevailed,
the only difference remain: 
my darkness is temporary, 
their's an eternal bliss.

In honour of my uncle, aunt and cousin, who passed away recently due to an accident on their way to perform Umrah. And in special honour of my cousin, the only one who survived. This one's for you Marif Bhai.