Revenge gone bad ( Chapter # 2 : The fight )

She waved to make herself noticed. He in nervousness, something he wouldn't usually feel around her, stood halfway up and sat immediately. Preparing mentally his side of the argument.

'You don't look good. Let's order food first... you respond well with a full stomach' she said seating herself right in front of him.
The remark did lighten the mood. But his insecurity by now has settled in deep. He began to marvel at the idea of her being in his life, how she changed him, all as if it will be gone the next moment. 

'Order something...' she said
He nodded still tied up in his thoughts. Looking through the menu, reading it but hardly comprehending. 

Faiza seeing him not response told the waiter 'He will have the same as me'
'Yeah sure..' 
'I don't want to rush you into anything, but before you kill yourself thinking about all that can possibly go wrong, I want you to think about the possibilities I am offered..'
'Possibilities follow us, we don't let go off people and be slave to it... there is never enough time then to redeem it all..' 
'I am done being emotional, it pays us no good ... being realistic makes me see what all I can have..'
'This is short sightedness on your part..'
'A good pay, secure future... you call it short sightedness?'

The waiter placed the steaming tray right in the middle of the table and their argument. As if the heat in the air wasn't already enough. 'Anything else?' the waiter inquired, got nothing and left. 

Ali began to eat. Slowly but steadily with no pause. She awaited for him to say something, finding hard to read him. Agitated , she spoke'Will you just say something. I have to be in the office in an hour and this is all the time I am getting to decide!'

He still says nothing but flinches at the mention of her going away. He felt it in him that he was losing her completely

'I need to know what you think, figure this out and let you know what I think.. if you'll just..'
'You want to know what I think? Isn't it obvious! Its too much for my ego and love to let you see you work like this let alone see you be far away!'

Her annoyance started to take shape.She felt as if she had deceived herself by avoiding this possessiveness of his, seeing it as endearing but it never was.

'You need to let me make my decisions... let me build myself while I am still young. For once see this.. see this beyond us!'

Their voices now raising 

'To me there is only us, I don't see a.. you or I. You are all I have and If I am being selfish then be it! I want you. I can live with the little we have... I won't bend my back for this world,the world has to do it for me!'
'You need to think, think beyond you! Even as we are together, you get to have a hold on this... '
'This is not true..'
'It is!'
'So what? I love you . Does that mean something. A muse, my passion....' he says it as he reminds himself of how she is the reason he gets out of bed everyday. 
'Let loose!'

She tightens her lips, slams the table.. and walks to leave

'Not before telling me what your answer is going to be' He remarks. Landing all the money he could find ,on the table.

 Both unaware and least bothered about the crowd that was gathering. He follows her steadily only to half convincingly ask : 'Answer me...  Tell me!..  have you already decided to leave me?' .. ' and so you see no point in talking to me'
'Oh shutup!' she replies in utter agitation.

Their infuriation can be felt. Both were right yet so wrong. Faiza's mind cluttered with thoughts of her future, on the scale with Ali on the opposite. If only he realized how easy this would be if he would stand by her. Ali on the other felt his purpose being lost. In his head it was simple, they loved each other. Opportunities would go by every now and then, all she had to do was understand this and stay with him. Distant would corrupt their love, rid them of the passion. 

Silently following her still, and Faiza being fully aware. He asked her painfully 'That easy? You will blow it off , that easy?'
'You're taking it in the wrong' she stops halfway, feeling mentally tired and perplexed. Tears soon follow. Trying to hide them she wiped them off quickly and continued walking .. 'Just think not like yourself for a moment, Ali' 

He didn't want to cry, not in front of the world. But seeing her, knowing the comfort she provided, he felt like shedding a few tears. This drive was making it worse. 

'I just want you to not go... ' he made his final statement. Standing still this time.
'Yeah well, too bad... ' She said not turning once but advancing right into her office. 

He felt broken. A man with his morals, who  doesn't share emotions until they're concealed in a painting or a piece of art. Never giving it out raw. And so walked away, and started to sprint. Almost as if trying to escape the pain. Ending up to a place he knew well. The old factory.

Chapter 1 :

Catching up.

So I am done with my examinations and the first thing that pops in my head , as naturally, is of making the best use of summers. As expected and experienced, things do go wayward. The peace is remarkable, and quite addictive. I'd continue with my posts soon. This was partly to let you know that I am alive and have my eyes on all of you reading. Kind of in a creepy way.


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