(These are random writings I am doing as I preapre for my English paper this year May. Thought the least I could do is post them for you to read and criticise accordingly)

In the form of a series of diary entries or a letter home, describe the experiences and emotions of a character who travels abroad for the first time. In your writing you should bring out his or her feelings about the new country compared with the one he or she has lived in before.

                                        Kolachi, my imaginative spin.
‘21st January 1999 Dear Janice,
      Checking out of the airport was no trouble and as soon as I stood to call my cab out the realization soon dawned: I’ve officially landed my destination. I was too tired to notice anything as I started about this alien land, also because I partly slept half the time up to my hotel. Nothing feels new so far except for the faces, everything but their features’ the same; they share the same standard of being a mystery to me as any stranger back home would. I am writing to you from a regular hotel room, with ordinary services, which as common a man I am accustomed to.  
I am well so far, but too tired to continue writing. I will write back to you as soon as this mysterious Kolachi opens herself to me. 
Love to my little calves, and some to you, mama cow! Sergeant Bull misses you all already.
James. ‘

‘25th January 1999 Hi love,
    I only received your letter two days ago, I am good and doing what I came here to do, confirming my late grand-dad’s tales about Kolachi. Comparatively, he was very right. The east is different to the west. My 4 day tour so far has gotten me bump into various people, such variance was rare back home. I have no idea what most of the people here say, which leaves me a bit fuzzy at times but this rather incognito feeling makes me feel like the ideal by-passer. I feel like a free lancer, learning and adopting this new culture, its burdensome as well as a challenge.

 People here are … simple with little lives and little needs. They are mostly content with a day of food, satisfied on a discrete level unlike the corporate rush we suffer back home. I guess this is what gives them the high edge on hospitality, just yesterday I decided to step into a barber’s shop. As I stepped in the barber said something in his native language I was not able to decipher, so I just gestured him to shave my beard by roughly sliding my right hand over my chin. His smile was an assurance of his acknowledgment of me being a foreigner, so he dragged the chair out and pointed for me to sit on it. Had you been here, you would have admired this barber. He pulled out plenty of colorful magazines and showed me innumerable beard styles I could wish to keep, and as you know me to be; I am stern about my military legacy and tend to stick to my same self. I nodded reluctantly to him as he turned each page with a persistent smile and a patience unparallel to the aged man he was. I imagined if nature had not rid him of most facial hair or even some on his head, he would have been one heck of a rock star.  Anyways, I was getting late as I had tickets to local theatre, so I winded my finger telling him to hurry. He said something I had no knowledge to translate about and I just nodded hesitantly and once again he smiled... wide eyed this time however. Fast forward, the next glance I have at myself is that with a French beard. Yes go ahead, laugh. Throughout my military life I had not gone through one change, and this guy does the impossible. I can’t imagine what I would have done had the surprisingly pleasant smile of this toothless barber made me find a bit of humor in the situation. He nodded to be approved but I disappointed him. After a clean shave, he refused my payment. Holding both his ears, humbly sorry for his mistake. In fact he gave me one of his magazines to keep. Something I have never witnessed back home, we’ve been prone to foreigners so much that the idea of welcoming them seems lost.

Over the days I visited the local theatre, the beach and ate their food. All of which is so vibrant. If we can define ourselves to be classy and sophisticated, here in Kolachi, you can embrace the colors and vivacity of life, with even half of what we can have back home. The beach gave me enclosure to locality more than anything; I saw families’ more than unmarried couples. Giving a reflection of how part of city is still conservative, something I guess we’d be appalled back home.

To my surprise this city caters to various obvious classes, as I drove past the beach I witnessed the hidden, posh life. This city had shades, distinct non-mixable shades. I felt like two different people at two different stations, just by a few meters difference of the same beach. Where one I felt carefree and childlike, the other I felt more compiled and regal. I don't feel such immediate change even if I change states!

However, the food apart from the ligght sea food I had at my visit to the beach, is so spicy and  rich. I had an upset stomach for 2 days. A nasty feeling truly, but my tour guide Ahmed - a friend of sort he has become, smirked as he told me this was his daily meal. I like what we have at home, even more now. Consider my complaints to go down drastically after I land 2 days from now.

Kolachi does have a sense of capturing you; a week seems like an awful less time to truly get to know this place. It got me into those baggy clothes and strangly and rigged feeling ‘Khussas’ and slippers, making me a walking art palate, to think…..this is so refreshing from the pant and shirt we have back home. I can’t wait to give you this ‘shalwar- kameez’, a local clothing here and the glass bangles that I’ve bought around a dozen pairs even for little Alice... they will just lighten you up! Least from the cold out there, it will make you feel the warmth of this very hot Kolachi i've experienced.

Bulls coming soon, Love

James. ‘


Revenge gone bad (Chapter #1)

                   Cherishing memories only for they last

"I thought you'd be busy to even show up here" mouthed in a taunting tone and with an even defensive manner his partner replied 
"No man! to give up a chance to hang with you ... at our spot" Samar italicized 'our spot' enough to make Ali notice.
"Ha, our spot, huh? Dog! " remarked Ali as they both sat down on the bare ground  gazing at the place with crossed legs and drinks in their hands.

"Remember the day we dragged that egoistical brat out of 9th grade and brought him here"
And with a slight smile to his face Ali said "That ghost prank na?....it was so cruel  ha..... hahaha..he."
"Say it!.... say it!"
"He wetted his pants!" stated Ali hysterically  
"Any idea where that 67 kilo meat bag and 16 ounces of liquid up to these days anyway?"
"Ha! No, none"
"I have missed a lot"
"What the peeing machine? " 
"Ha naa.. this place.... "
"Unlike you... I don't let go of things easy.. "

It was a mild cold evening, with a cloudy sky hovering over their heads and an overall pleasant aura to accompany their remaining reminiscing conversation. The day ended late for the two of them and they parted ways soon after. Ali to his artistic world, a lovely solace for him,his apartment - full of rough artistry on the walls, unique sculptures  - what seemed to be made out of the most ordinary yet unimaginable things. He rested in his single taped-on-the-hind-leg bed which made a creak but he was as carefree as a baby, he felt blessed for the moment and cared least. It is strangely amusing how a fulfilling instance of happiness can derive you to recollect all that has ever been so special to you, almost as if it will force you to be thankful for everything. For Ali in that minute it was no different, as he collected his cell phone out of his baggy jean's pocket he blindly but deliberately pined the call button giving an impression that his life was not a beehive of thousands of people. 
He knew who he was calling .... 

"Hi .." said the voice on the call.It was placid, so tender that it brought a mellow gleam to that already satisfied ecstasy. 
"I met Samar..he inquired about you, gave us his blessing" light chuckle erupted on both ends "He has not change, the same ...calm and collective dude..."
"Yah...he uhmm ..sounds like he gathered himself well after his father's... demise"
"Oh yeah.. If he was me.....I would have been a very bad him..."
"I know it was a bad attempt at a joke but that dry..eh..come on"

His partner laughed a laugh which was detectable by a mile to be a forced one, so hesitant that Ali asked her straight away 

"Oye bobble head, what's the matta?"
"You know how Raheem has been talking about my promotion.. ... had the presentation I just gave went good... "
"well... it went good..like realllly good"
"Uhmmm and that is worrying?... raaaitt ...right... I totally getchya"
"No.. nothing about this is worrying on any point.... It's just the decision I have to take right after that is making me think a bit..and I was thinking about that only when the phone rang.....glad it was you....."  
"...I know.. I am wanted...always .. wanted" Ali cut her off to make a cheesy remark in his failed  husky voice which surprising did the job.
"Haha.. what would I do without you being an idiot while I want to have a serious moment?..I seriously want to take this offer... they are offering me security...and a good pay and and.. oh..."
"Hold on... a good pay? security? you can so totally marry me and take care of me.." 
"Haha shutup"
"No no.. I mean it.... just one thing.. why the second thought!"
" A new job location means...."
"... New job?...I meant marrying me dumbass" 

Silence prevailed as both went puzzled. Being sceptical about each others statement,Faiza finally broke the silence

" You... hello?"
"New job location?  you mean .. they are shifting your branch ?.."
"No..they want me to shift entirely .. to .. uhm.. another country .. it's a good 7 year contract!.."
"And the answer is an obvious no?... how will you.. and your mother.. and us? I just asked you to marry me.... and you realize I was joking about you taking care of me on  your pay"
"Ergh.. not the time for jokes.. "
"I .. know! but... I can take care of us... 7 year is a hell lot... it was decided we'd marry by the end of the year..."
"It's not like I am running away... gr.. I never ever thought of that...I am... was...a 80 percent certain on taking this job..."
"I won't allow it... the ring on your finger abides you to give this a thought!..7 years? .."
"What won't you allow me!? ... I need to be practical for a second here...I have responsibilities"
"Well so do I.. but have I been away ... on such a long commitment....knowing I have opportunities out there in the world.. just so I can strive alongside you.."
"That was never my decision, you as a man.. survive... I have to work my ass off as a man and be a women at my home.. you ..where's the side of you that realized this?!"
"Well the world does not exactly end at this one ... call"
"Just drink some water and think it through .. will you?... talk to you about this when we meet.... phone bugs the living day lights out of me..... "
"Meet me now!"
"No... I don't get off till 9 ... it's 4... you better have eaten ..cya"

The phone call ended on a sour note and as brightly the day had begun for Ali, as perplex it was turning out to be. Still ascertain he would make Faiza stay he was sadden by the turn of events.Ali had always taken Faiza seriously, though what started off as an arranged engagement was only followed by deep affection. Things like a good pay did not bother him much but it is true however, that if one has living souls other than themselves to live by, they need to walk the path of the common man. Ali was ready to abide even by that but art has it's share of struggle, this passion of his asked him more than what it could have offered. It gave him thoughts,contemplation,emotions but that can not feed stomachs,can it? His head was buzzing with thoughts, feeling a tinge of incompetence Ali stood up to pass his time with a good book. 

The book rested on his chest on the very  page he had started of from,when the clock struck 7 Ali  realized he had not read a word but rather lost himself to thoughts. He got up to take a shower and gathered all the arguments he was going to use on Faiza.

By 8 pm Ali had set off to pick Faiza up. Confused and also a bit intimidated he waited in the coffee house adjacent to Faiza's office, gazing properly to see if he could catch her. With that his phone rang 

"I knew you'd be at the Cafe,...I am on the extreme right....."

P.s. Chapter 2 to befall after Chapter 1.. geniuses! Thanks for reading though!

My trivial passions trivial voyage.

My blog is my reflection...sort of. It has a mixture of a lot of things and a couple of "those things" are resting in my drafts. It's amazing how a blog can give you an insight into your own self and others.

Slightly cause judgement here is very polite as I begin? *I love it like this*.Previously however, I was not very satisfied *read:was ill-experienced*. This ill experience came from the fact I was not writing for the moment, and all the while gazing for what w(sh)ould've come.What the un-known does to us or can do to us is.. unpredictable, very unstable in other words. And if I have learned anything it's that unsurety is exhausting.

In any aspect of your life one must be honest chiefly with their selves; I am now and at present as I'm writing, I feel at ease with it. Perhaps one reason for my 'unhappiness' was my 'expected happiness'.

I  was thinking of writing up on this matter myself on how expected happiness takes away the real happiness from us but then I stumbled upon this great and very well backed Ted Talk by Dan Gilbert. 

P.s  You should educate yourself about Ted talk if you're not YET AWARE! it's diverse for any and everyone who wants to improve and explore. Just purely amazing.

P.s.s I have this weird thing where when I ponder upon a question or query for a longer period of time, the answer majorly just comes to me in a way that is more subdue and organized then I could have ever make it out to be. *JazakAllah for that ^_^ * but gives me a sense of never giving up.(Will try to talk about this later) 

Watch it...... NOW *scare ass look* okay maybe this look works on  you  :

                 Enough masti..... go ahead, I promise it won't be a waste of time.

 "Natural happiness is what we get when we get what we wanted, and synthetic happiness is what we make when we don’t get what we wanted. In our society, we have a strong belief that synthetic happiness is of an inferior kind." (Dan Gilbert)

It's amazing how a simple phenomenon must, today, be broken down to be explained;Just beyond the measures. Simple is and has been complicated, possibly. And if that is remotely the case, for even a dozen of real life scenarios, our life can't be this muddled up.

So my trivial passion's voyage eh? It's about finding a bay. Let this bay represent your interests/likings. A bay where you'll happily settle down and enjoy what you do. Now,with my short experience you won't really mind being alone at first, cause you won't care but the natural ability of something that has honest roots to shine will sheen ... and since humans have the nick to be curious you will always end up having buyers, praises and critics etc. The truer ones will more likely be to come to you when you sow the seeds that way only i.e. the scale shall favour you with deep positivity if.

In the end it will all depend on how either you want to settle for the given and present happiness or the one that plays pretend in your head.

So let's make 'simple our new intricate complicate'
Lets sail.