I feel happy.

  I can image how busy we are in our lives, So much of misery filling our existence every day that when a happy occasion comes knocking we get anxious, speculating as to why even happiness is there in the first place. Seriously! Where is the simple life lost? I agree it's a modern world with it's modern theories but that does not mean societies were belligerent idiots before us. We are to take something from the people that have gone by but left us their legacy. Their simplicity at first.

 Where's balance? Why is it that we are letting little meaningful things slip our hands like fine sand. I have a problem with the way we treat this world, considering it to be a menace and hence teaching our kids/siblings to tackle the world as if its cruel and nasty. Whether or not it is nasty, why aren't we more concerned with teaching them how to do good in the first place? To be good citizens first and then complain. To get in the dirt and make their opinions. In the coming future, imagine families not transmitting morals and good etiquettes but money. ONLY money and property. Well, I see that happening now. Its all very merry until we dig inside of ourselves and find nothing but void. You can transmit wealth generation to generation, put great emphasis on stability of life and the apparent worldly 'worth' of a person BUT if traditions get lost admits these vague plans, we will have no one to blame ourselves.

  It's a long run, a long long run. We have to be more concious of our actions more so today because money has a global and direct way to be earned and lived upon. Mannerism and ethics,  has to be taught and spread, and it starts from your own immediate peers, friends, family or cousins etc.  I don't devalue the idea of money or earning, I am not here to instil in you hatred against the 'green' paper because I am very well aware of it's importance. MONEY IS important BUT there is something we're losing and it will not be up for sales today or tomorrow. If we lose it, it will hard to get by as a community tomorrow.

  But for now, I am happy... worried but happy cause not all is lost, I don't have a lot of money but I still survive. Each day, I better do it with a smile cause hey, mom told me 'Money is not everything, you can have it all... all in the world but if passion's lost from  your heart... be afraid. THAT is when you're really the poorest'. So from where my mom stands, I am rich. Be soulfully rich and let them who come after you grab  THAT richness first and farmost.




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